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Stuttering : When is it necessary to see a doctor?

You should see your doctor when you notice one of the following signs:

Your child stutters frequently:

  • Word, sound or syllable repetitions: “To-to-tomorrow, I’ll go to the park.”
  • Sound prolongations: “Mmmmme too, I want some.”
  • Blockage (sound is not produced): “______Hello.”
  • Your child repeats a word more than two times.
  • Your child’s speech is accompanied by tense facial and neck muscles (they seem to be struggling to get the words out) or other associated movements (ex: eye blinks).
  • Your child avoids speaking (ex: does not speak words that are more difficult to say or refuses to speak).

Stuttering is generally diagnosed by a speech-language pathologist, a health care professional who is trained to test and treat individuals with speech and language disorders. Initial assessments and treatment of stuttering disorders generally take place in a regional physical rehabilitation centre. Contact the establishment nearest you to learn more about their admission criteria. If you live on the Island of Montreal, click on the following link to locate the rehabilitation centre nearest you or, if applicable, to learn about the Centre de réadaptation Marie Enfant’s service request procedures.

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