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Team and Services - Residential Resources

The team is composed of an administrative officer and social workers


Non-Institutional Residences and Respites

a) Foster Families

A foster family is considered as one or two people, who receive children and teenagers in their home. The children are placed in the care of a foster family in order to meet their needs and to provide them with a home environment with stand-in parents in a family setting.
Eligibility and Ineligibilty Criteria (PDF Document)

b) Halfway Houses

All halfway houses are associated to a public establishment. They provide residential services as well as support or assistance to maintain or integrate a user into the community. This type of residential service can accept up to a maximum of 9 users.

At the CRME, there are two types of residences:

  1. A Halfway House
    It is a residential facility where both users and caregivers live. The caregivers ensure the provision of support services to residents.
    Eligibility and Ineligibilty Criteria  (PDF Document)
  2. Group Residences
    Group residences are facilities that are either rented or owned by a halfway house, where a number of people care for the users by providing them with assistance and support services.
    Eligibility and Ineligibilty Criteria (PDF Document)
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