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Adapted disposable swim diaper: Happy swimming!

August 2010

Are you avoiding going to the swimming pool with your child because your child experiences incontinence? Incontinent children are now required to wear swim diapers under their swimsuits in public pools to prevent pool closures due to fecal seepage. For diaper-aged children, you can now find adapted disposable swim diapers (Pampers and Huggies), and swim diapers for older children and adults that retain solids.

The outer layer is 100% nylon and the inner layer is cotton flannelette. The diapers are machine washable and therefore reusable. Their elastic bands are treated to prevent chlorine from weakening their elasticity over time. There are two styles of swim diapers: Pull-On which are worn like underwear; and Pull-Pant which are worn as diapers with adjustable Velcro closures. Sold at affordable prices, these diapers come in a variety of colours, prints and sizes

For complete information about these swim diapers, visit Distribution Dominique Lemay at www.distributiondlemay.ca (french only). Prices vary according to style and size starting from 12,99 $ to 32,99 $. Available sizes range from baby to adult.

Happy swimming!


We would like to thank Stéfanie Deschênes and Jaime Tardif, physiotherapists, School Rehabilitation Program of the CRME service for their close collaboration in producing this capsule.

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