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Adapted Sports and Physical Activity

September 2010

Sports and physical activity are an integral part of the rehabilitation process. In addition to their physical benefits, they help the children gain confidence in themselves and in their social skills so that they may better integrate into community life.

Some of the children will be able to engage in regular activities, however for certain a guide may be required. Therefore, the rehabilitation team assigned to your child will be a valuable asset in helping you identify the most accessible resources.

Adapted Resources

Some of the children's condition requires looking for adapted sports and recreational activities, i.e. a modified way of playing them; rules or equipment adapted to the limitations of those who engage in them.

The family must first make the child's tastes and abilities known in order to select an activity; and to find a guide or to make any needed special arrangements (ex: transportation).

Once this has been done, the family and the child can then meet with the special education teacher, the program's clinical coordinator or any other therapist of the rehabilitation team assigned to the child. They will assist them in identifying the resources that are available in their community, advise them on their choice and determine if any specific arrangements must be made.

For more information, a resource directory is available in MERC website and the two main lobby areas of the Centre de réadaptation Marie Enfant as well as at the Clinique externe located in the basement of the building.

Guides and Financial Assistance

Different types of guides and financial assistance are made available to parents:

  • The CRME's special education teachers can provide regular support to ensure that your child is integrating into his/her activity. They can make recommendations on specific adaptations that your child may need. Interventions with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist with knowledge about your child may also identify certain needs and make recommendations to adapt the environment.
  • In some cases, the Enfants en Tête Foundation can assume part of the total cost for activities offered at the Régina-Assumpta Centre (website available in French only).
  • AlterGo offers guided assistance programs.
  • Some foundations such as President's Choice can be solicited for financial support; for example, to help you assume the cost for a guide of your choice. The rehabilitation centre where your child is registered can refer and assist you in putting together a funding request. 

We would like to thank Sylvie Thibault along with the entire team of the Cerebral Motor Deficits Program for their collaboration in the production of this capsule.

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